Here’s How We do Food Drives

  • Choose dates for your food drive and a delivery date.

    (We welcome food drives during the entire year……as we serve hungry clients all year long!)

  • Contact us to let us know your dates and whether you will be collecting and delivering

    OR if you wish for your students to be more involved by coming to Wake Relief with the collected food and sorting and shelving it. (Schools have found this to be a lot of fun and nets community service hours for those who need them!) A flexible schedule permits this option during the day, after school hours, in the evening, or on weekends!

  • Publicize the food drive

    and in the case of schools, use morning announcements, email, and newsletters to promote the drive daily. (Decide if you want competition among classes, tracks, grades or not.)

  • Keep track of the number of items

    so the total can be given to Wake Relief on delivery day.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

PS – A food list will be provided if you would like one. However, we take any non-perishables. We have found that more is collected if families do not have to adhere to ‘strict’ guidelines. Encourage everyone to look for ‘deals’ wherever they shop!!!!!